Yuhong Wang

Yuhong Wang

Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Dr. Wang Yuhong is an associate professor at the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Dr. Wang’s main research areas include the structural design of flexible pavement, asphalt materials, and pavement construction and management. Dr. Wang has led more than 40 road-related research projects, with the total amount of research funding exceeding 20 million Hong Kong Dollars. In recent years, Dr. Wang’s research has been focused on the sustainability and smartness of urban road pavements. One example of his research endeavours in this area is the project entitled “Development of New Integrated Porous Pavement Systems and Implementation of Urban Nature Labs (UNaLab) Demonstration Projects in Hong Kong,” part of a study entitled “Urban Nature Labs (UNaLab)” under the prestigious Horizon 2020 Research Scheme jointly funded by the European Commission and Hong Kong Government. Another example is the project entitled “New prefabricated composite pavement systems for sustainable and smart-city development of Hong Kong: Key scientific and engineering solutions,” a major grant funded by the highly competitive Research Impact Fund in Hong Kong.

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