Sandra Erkens

Sandra Erkens

Delft University of Technology

Professor Sandra Erkens holds the Chair of Pavement Engineering Practice at Delft University of Technology. Besides her position at the university, she is the top specialist in pavement materials and structures at the Dutch Highway Authority (Rijkswaterstaat). She is an internationally acknowledged expert in pavement materials and structures in general and asphalt concrete in particular. She has coordinated the cooperation of research organisations, among others as a member of the FEHRL (Forum for European Highway Research Laboraties) executive committee and as Program Team member for InfraQuest, the cooperation between Rijkswaterstaat, TU Delft and TNO building in the Netherlands.
Prof Erkens is a member of national and international (CEN) groups involved in developing technical requirements for pavement materials and in several (inter)national organisations for the dissemination of research, such as the ISAP technical committee on Constitutive Modelling of Asphalt Concrete, the organization of the two yearly Dutch conference on Infrastructure (CROW-infradagen), the 7th International Conference on Cracking in Asphalt Concrete (Delft). She has been involved in road engineering research since 1997 and has published nearly a hundred papers on her work and is a regular reviewer for conferences and journals on the topic.
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