Martin Lamb

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Martin Lamb

Maple Consulting Limited

Presentation Topic
The Forever Open Road

The Forever Open Road initiative was developed in 2009 to redefine how roads will be designed, constructed, maintained and operated in the future, seeking a radical departure from the status quo of incremental research, with little strategic direction. It seeks to address the challenges faced by the road industry, such as scarcity of natural resources, safety, scarcity of natural resources, threats from extreme weather and climate change, along ageing infrastructure and declining budgets. The initiative focusses on three elements:

--The Adaptable Road, capable of adapting to changing demands and addressing innovation topics such as prefabrication, self-healing and self-cleaning, harvesting energy and heating or cooling the road. This element has a strong focus on low carbon, using recycled materials and low energy construction methods.

--The Automated Road, seeking to improve communications between vehicles and infrastructure, supporting connected and future autonomous vehicles and promoting concepts such as big data and smart mobility.

--The Resilient Road, seeking to adapt to the threats of extreme weather and climate change, whilst maintaining safety and service levels.
The Forever Open Road has been taken forward by a consortium of European Highway Research Laboratories over the past 10 years with limited funding. As such it has sought to provide a vision which influences infrastructure research being undertaken in Europe and beyond. This presentation will discuss the initiative and the activities undertaken over the past ten years and what activities will be undertaken in the future.

Martin Lamb is a Charted Waste Manager and Chartered Environmentalist and Director of Maple Consulting Limited, which he established in 2015 to provide fresh-thinking support services to the transport infrastructure industry.

Whilst working for the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory, Martin helped develop the European Forever Open Road (FOR) concept, which aims to rethink how roads are designed, built and maintained. He is now Programme Manager for FOR and the cross-modal FORx4 (Forever Open Road, Rail, Runway and River) programme on behalf of FEHRL (the Forum of European Highway Research Laboratories).

Martin has a proven track record of project and programme management expertise in a variety of fields spanning over 20 years. Experienced in the delivery of cutting edge road and light rail concepts, Martin’s work with Forever Open Road has significantly furthered research into the delivery of future concepts including intelligent road studs, a prefabricated light weight track bed for UK Tram, and many more practical applications set to benefit both sectors.

As editor, author and co-author of a wide range of conceptual documents released within the transport industry, Martin is also a proven thought leader and has published extensively in his technical field. Also, highly experienced in consultancy, research and development, and in contracting on behalf of multiple foreign partners for high value European projects, his career to date has led to the formation of a specialist consultancy dedicated to uncovering and promoting greater infrastructure sustainability, resource efficiency, and adaptation to climate change and extreme weather events.

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